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The Big Fix Bioregional Magazine

The 2017 Winter edition of The Big Fix magazine was our first bioregional print edition. It covered The Blue Mountains, Lithgow, Penrith and the Hawkesbury. The 2018 edition is in production and will be out soon! 


You can read the magazine here or you can download your magazine in ePub format here

We’ve worked closely with the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre to strengthen the community’s voice by providing local news and a three month calendar of events in the area which is available in this insert.


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Particular thanks to Create NSW for their support and to the talented writers and artists who contributed to the production of this edition: Dr Carol Major, Julie Favell, Kelvin Montague, Margaret Ryan, Meredith Crawford-McKay, Brendan Atkins, Wyn Jones, Berndt Sellheim, Tina Five Ash, V. Leto, David Brooks, Carla Billinghurst, Third Space Media, Ian Milliss, El Gibbs and Ian Dalkin.



To highlight the importance of everyone taking responsibility for tackling the challenges in our communities we are sharing stories of the great work being done in each sector:


• How local government and dedicated groups in the Blue Mountains, Lithgow, Hawkesbury and Penrith have been "Restoring Nature's Hydraulic Pulse".


• How Penrith, Hawkesbury and the Blue Mountains have been working together on the award-winning program Heading Home - Ending Homelessness Here!

• How micro-sanctuaries are working together to protect recovering wildlife and farm animals.

• How businesses and community groups are working to provide life-changing technologies for people with disability


• How Peter Baldwin has developed DebateGraph - a web-based, collaborative idea visualization tool, focusing on argument mapping, particularly for complex public policy issues. 

Community Groups:

• How community groups in the Blue Mountains have been making Boomerang Bags to help reduce the use single-use plastic bags.


• How community groups in the Hawkesbury are fighting for their "common" land by Occupying Thompson Square and Saving St Albans Common.


• How Wyn Jones and the Great Western Walk Committee hope to launch The Great Western Walk in 2018.


• How Justin Morrissey and Toolo, the Tool Library, are making a "Library of Things" available to the community in the Blue Mountains.



• How Jeenee's Make a Difference Program is offering a free mobile plan and 24/7 HELP Service for 10 readers of The Big Fix.


Education & Research:

• How Kerrie Noonan and Groundswell are educating the community in 'death literacy'.



• How Blue Mountains City Council is responding to increasing community concern about single-use plastic. At the Council meeting in late June Clr Kerry Brown will move that Council urge the State Government to legislate against the use of single-use lightweight plastic bags; as well as inviting Coles and Woolworths to run a 12-month pilot program replacing its plastic bags with priced multi-use bags; and asking Council to phase out single-use plastics in its own operations.


• How Blue Mountains City Council has launched a Compost Hub Trial.


Art for a Change:

• How Sensory Concerts are making world-class classical music accessible to audience members with sensory needs.


• How Ian Milliss is helping communities reimagine the future with the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation.

On behalf of The Big Fix Inc. committee of management we hope you enjoy this edition.


Lis Bastian




Thanks for all the progressive work.
Lynn Ringland
i thoroughly enjoyed reading the Winter edition of the Big Fix at my hair salon today. What a wonderful change from the Kardashians and Brad Pitt! Congratulations and thank you for a terrific publication.
Thank you for the wonderful feedback Lynn ... so pleased you enjoyed it!
I read the winter edition at my hairdressers. Great read! Congratulations . I didn't have to read one line about Brad Pitt or the Kardashians.
Well done Big Fix...I hope Hawkesbury people get well into the causes your team are leading on! Please keep me and Hawkesbury Environment Network in the loop!
Thanks Robin,

you can subscribe to our e-news, follow us on social media or subscribe to a quarterly magazine to stay in touch and we'll be delivering 10,000 copies of the magazine over the coming week to Lithgow, Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains and Penrith ... let's hope they will give more people a heads up about the great work you are doing,


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