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The Big Fix Launches Youth Cafe

Recently The Big Fix launched its first Youth Cafe in Blackheath ... a space for 14-18 year olds to gather on a Wednesday night to socialise, get inspired, and collaborate on tackling both local and global issues that concern them. 

Two of the members recently trained as barristas, so there's no shortage of fabulous hot chocolates on the night.

Blackheath's talented local community are also sharing their skills at the Cafe. After artist/athlete Emma Magenta gave a Capoeira demonstration the group took over the Scout Hall the following week so everyone could have a go!

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Capoeira at Scout Hall

 Music and games are a part of every night ... trying out the keyboards, guitars and drumkit; ping pong, darts, and most recently two fabulous Cooperative Board Games: Pandemic and Forbidden Desert. 

Everyone managed to work together to wipe out the Pandemic, but when it came to Hidden Desert ... "Maybe we should all start moving towards the well before we all die ... Jack, I think it's important that we don't let you die!" ... as time ran out, they devised their own rule and, with much hilarity, defeated the board.

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Coming up on Wednesday 21 September, inspiring 18 year-old politician Sam Parker-Davies will join the group to talk about his recent campaign to stand as an Independent at the Blue Mountains City Council election. 

He'll discuss:

  • his experiences of school, and of a less travelled path the year after;
  • what it's taught him and why that inspires him for now and the future;
  • what young people can do now to make their lives and future happy and beautiful;
  • and his projects and how everyone can help.

The night will include Spanish tapas, games and planning for the campaign to SAY NO! to plastic straws in Blackheath.

The Youth Cafe starts at 6pm 

RSVP to Lis on 0407 437 553

Photo below: Allison Bliss, Alex Driscoll and Sam Parker-Davies (courtesy of Sam)

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