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Blackheath, in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains, Australia, has become the world's first town in which all the shopfront businesses have agreed to phase out plastic straws.

Life-changing technologies

or many people with disability, life would 
be easier if their surroundings were designed to include their needs. Buildings, public transport and other infrastructure are slowly becoming more accessible, but there is a long way to go. Technology, and the internet, on the other hand,


Blackheath Community Farm Meet-Up and Permablitz

There has been a great community response to the concept of developing a Community Farm in Blackheath and a date has been locked in for the initial Community Meet-Up and a 'Permablitz' of the site. Keep January 28, 2017 clear in  your diary if you'd like to be involved in this exciting new project.

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Heading Home - Ending Homelessness Here!

It’s a lovely word, home. When it’s cold outside, you can put another log on the fire. Stressful day at work? Hug your partner or kids.

But for many, ‘home’ is anything but safe, warm and dry - cold, hunger and insecurity are nightly companions.


Mt Tomah to release first Dwarf Mountain Pines

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mt Tomah is celebrating its 30th birthday this year with the release of the first Dwarf Mountain Pines to be made available to the public. They’ll also be making available a limited release of seed-grown Wollemi Pines. Both plants have been propagated at Mt Tomah, a cool climate refuge for species threatened by climate change.


Blue Mountains Community at Forefront of Stronger Families

Blue Mountains City Council last week hosted a celebration to mark the impressive achievements of the Stronger Families Alliance. The Alliance is a ground-breaking collaboration of services and voluntary organisations working together to improve the wellbeing of children, young people and families.