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Jeenee Make a Difference Program - free mobile plan and 24/7 HELP Service for 10 readers of The Big Fix

The Big Fix has partnered with Jeenee Mobile to offer free services to 10 people living with disability, or becoming increasingly frail. Jeenee is a multi-award winning social enterprise

whose core purpose is to donate services that provide the benefits of mobile technology to those who need them most.

Each donated service provides 12 months free-of-charge access to a Mobile Plan and a 24/7 HELP service (valued at $455). The 24 /7 help line can be accessed via a simple mobile app, connected to a dedicated Australian-based team, who will help with whatever is needed. The team can even locate clients using the GPS on their phone and tell family and friends where they are, or send emergency services to their location. It’s a great back up if anything goes wrong, big or small, and can be used as many times as needed.

Jeenee Mobile believes technology can bring independence, and helps everyone be connected, engaged and included. To date, Jeenee has donated more than 280 services to people living with disabilities throughout Australia.

To apply:

Individuals can nominate themselves, or someone they know, who may benefit from the program. To apply, simply go to

and provide:

a short statement about how the service would benefit you or the person you are nominating

your contact details or the details of the person you are nominating

proof of eligibility (such as a letter from a service provider, or pension card details)

Applications close midnight 31 August 2017 and recipients will be notified by 15 September, 2017. All applications will be assessed by Jeenee Mobile and all decisions will be final. Jeenee operates on the Optus 4G network. The program includes the provision of the donated services only. Recipients must provide  their own handsets. The Jeenee Mobile 24/7 HELP service is provided via an iOS (Apple) or Android application, access to which will be provided to eligible recipients.

How you can Make a Difference

Every Australian can help make more donated services available for people living with disability simply by purchasing one of Jeenee’s award winning SIM Pack Plans. For more information ring 1300 054 631.

Jeremy Way, General Manager of Jeenee Mobile

Jeremy Way

“I believe that people are equal and should have equal opportunities. We are obliged to look after the most vulnerable. The older I get the more it bugs me that people are excluded because they don’t have a voice. Let’s give them a voice! The more active and engaged people with disability can be, the more they’ll be accepted as individuals in their own right and differences can begin to disappear.”

Jeremy’s grandparents founded the Spastic Centre of NSW in 1945 (now the Cerebral Palsy Alliance) and his mother has been CEO of the not-for-profit Community Connections Australia for 30 years. Jeenee was originally set up within Community Connections, but now operates independently as a social enterprise to raise funds to support its mission.



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