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FairBnB for community powered tourism, solar-powered hydrogen harvesting, and digital avatars providing 24/7 care for the elderly

FairBnB hopes to be a smart and fair solution for community powered tourism; engineers have developed a solar-powered floating rig which can harvest hydrogen from seawater; and digital avatars are providing 24/7 care

to the elderly.

These stories and more in today's Solutions Digest:

• How engineers have developed a solar-powered floating rig which can harvest hydrogen from seawater. Read more here

• How the Ecological Land Co-operative (ELC) was set up to address the lack of affordable sites for ecological land-based livelihoods. Read more here

• How FairBnB hopes to be a smart and fair solution for community powered tourism. Read more here

• How the Tracking the Seven Sisters exhibition at the National Museum of Australia marks an important turning point in how Aboriginal art is exhibited. Read more here

• How as the population ages, people in need of 24/7 monitoring will outnumber available caregivers. Now digital avatars are doing the job. Read more here

• How a Microlibrary in Indonesia has been built with recycled icecream tubs in a small public square. It's goal is to provide a space for teaching and other activities aimed at combatting the country's high illiteracy and school dropout rates. Read more here

• How a tiny carnivorous marsupial that was presumed extinct in New South Wales has been discovered just inside the border, two years before scientists planned to reintroduce it. Read more here


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