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Susanne Rix launches the Blue Mountains Edible Garden Festival

After three decades pushing boundaries as a behavioural scientist, focused on what motivates people to change, Wentworth Falls resident Susanne Rix has now developed the first Blue Mountains Edible Garden Festival and Trail - from Little Hartley to Glenbrook.


Restoring Nature’s Hydraulic Pulse

How many of us would choose to pave our driveways if we knew it was interfering with nature’s hydraulic pulse? How many of us understand the role of swamps, ponds, lagoons and the meandering of rivers and creeks in holding water in what is the driest occupied continent on the globe?

Teja amongst the sheep

t’s mid 2007. We’ve been vegans for a while and have begun to 
inch into activism in the area of animal rights, but feel a need to do more. We’ve read a moving story about a pig named Burr, rescued and now living at Edgar’s Mission, a sanctuary in Victoria begun by ex-equestrian Pam Ahern.

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Diary of a Compost Hub Champion

The most important thing that years of growing veggies in my backyard has taught me is that if I don’t feed the soil, the soil can’t feed me. Things finally came to a head last summer when everything I planted stopped growing at micro-veg stage. Suddenly I had a bonsai crop, not the abundant garden I’d been hoping for!


Toolo .. If I had a hammer

Remember when NASA launched the Hubble and the astronauts had everything they needed EXCEPT a crowbar? That’s the philosophy driving Justin Morrissey and the Katoomba Toolo: if you are out there doing a creative project, you should be able to get your hands on any tool you need.

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Breaking News: Council Motion to phase out single-use plastic

As people get more and more concerned about the damaging amounts of plastic waste in our environment, and entering our food supply, communities have begun to take action. Now Blue Mountains Councillor, Kerry Brown, has demonstrated that Blue Mountains City Council is listening and is prepared to do something about it.

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Bike Trail launched in World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains 

Passion, patience, persistence and the dogged determination of a handful of key champions, with a vision of building a Blue Mountains Bike Trail, finally paid off when the first section of the Great Blue Mountains


Pop Up Shops Revitalize Katoomba Main Street

Take a stroll down the lower end of Katoomba Street nowadays and you could be mistaken for thinking your’e somewhere like Newtown or Paddington - between the funky cafes like the Thunderbird Mexican Cafe on