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Great Western Walk signage
Wyn Jones and the Great Western Walk

In our rather cynical age, people frequently ask: “Is there really anything left to explore or discover … hasn’t it all been done before?”

Spend some time with Blackheath ecologist Wyn Jones and 
you’ll soon have your answer … you’ll begin to feel the welling up of curiosity, excitement and anticipation that must have driven

mens shed1

Dropping in to the Men's Shed

OK I admit it, I’ve got shed envy! I’ve now been to the Blackheath Area Men’s Shed four times and each time I’ve found it more difficult to leave than the last.

A toast to the "new" Blackheath Golf & Community Club ... with a glass that's half full!

Sports psychologists and coaches frequently tell players that, when you’re challenged, you have the choice to respond to your situation by believing that your glass is half full, or that it’s half empty. For the enthusiastic new management team at the Blackheath Golf & Community Club, the glass is most definitely half full. 


Blackheath Community Op-shop. BCOS it's a community

It’s a bustling Thursday morning at the Blackheath Community 
Op-shop (BCOS). Volunteers are happily accepting donations of furniture, clothes and boxes of books, and satisfied customers are loading up the same. Passing by the racks of clothes to a large sorting table in the rear, I find David O’Brien, a serene agent in a storm of activity.

social support

Enjoying the richness of lives well lived

t 87 and virtually blind, Yvonne McCready does not 
regard herself as socially isolated or in need of “someone to chat to.” Why would she? Monday to Friday she walks more than 1.3 km from her Blackheath cottage into “town” where she either stops for the community lunch or catches a train to Katoomba for a hot meal.


Winter Edition of The Big Fix magazine

Welcome to the Winter edition of The Big Fix magazine. This is our first bioregional edition which covers The Blue Mountains, Lithgow, Penrith and the Hawkesbury. The magazine shares solutions stories from every sector.