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KERRIE NOONAN by Tina Fiveash copy
What taboo? Talking about death and dying

Let’s talk about death. It’s not the most popular of conversation-starters, but it is perhaps the most important. After all, we will all die; every single one of us will take that journey that every living thing before us

BTB kids

Filmmaking bringing young and old together

For over ten years Lithgow High School Filmmakers have been making award winning films that have been screened all over the world with high regard.



Permaculture and a Community Farm for Blackheath

Narelle Johnson recently graduated from a Permaculture Design Course for which she designed a Community Farm for Blackheath.


Mt Tomah to release first Dwarf Mountain Pines

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mt Tomah is celebrating its 30th birthday this year with the release of the first Dwarf Mountain Pines to be made available to the public. They’ll also be making available a limited release of seed-grown Wollemi Pines. Both plants have been propagated at Mt Tomah, a cool climate refuge for species threatened by climate change.