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 Jim in Workshop 1

 Watchmaker, beekeeper, maker and fixer


Jim Crowther, watchmaker, beekeeper, maker and fixer of objects large and small, picks up a screw with a pair of fine tweezers and holds it in my direction. “That’s not the smallest of them,” he says. 



Blackheath Cycling Infrastructure Business Grows Nationally

 Ten years ago, Graeme Roth and his partner Suzanne Kowalski-Roth, took the plunge and left Sydney with their two young children - keen to forge a future in Blackheath. 


Blackheath, in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains, Australia, has become the world's first town in which all the shopfront businesses have agreed to phase out plastic straws.


Mark Liebman - designing for a water-sensitive world

Twenty seven years ago, a young auditor at Ernst & Young in Sydney, one of the “Big 4” accounting firms, came across a newly published report, “Blueprint for a Green Economy.” Prepared for the UK Environment Department, the report claimed that environmental problems had their roots in “economic failures.” This struck such a chord with him that he did a complete about-turn, left his job, travelled


Blackheath Community Op-shop. BCOS it's a community

It’s a bustling Thursday morning at the Blackheath Community 
Op-shop (BCOS). Volunteers are happily accepting donations of furniture, clothes and boxes of books, and satisfied customers are loading up the same. Passing by the racks of clothes to a large sorting table in the rear, I find David O’Brien, a serene agent in a storm of activity.

A Co-operative approach to fundraising

It’s hard not to be biased about what a great place Blackheath is, and to not boast that it’s possible to go for months without even leaving the place!
In a community that has almost everything, we even have the good fortune to have our own Credit 


Toolo .. If I had a hammer

Remember when NASA launched the Hubble and the astronauts had everything they needed EXCEPT a crowbar? That’s the philosophy driving Justin Morrissey and the Katoomba Toolo: if you are out there doing a creative project, you should be able to get your hands on any tool you need.

Jeenee cartoon
Jeenee Make a Difference Program - free mobile plan and 24/7 HELP Service for 10 readers of The Big Fix

The Big Fix has partnered with Jeenee Mobile to offer free services to 10 people living with disability, or becoming increasingly frail. Jeenee is a multi-award winning social enterprise