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Building a community internet network, household electricity prices to drop in 2018 and the 
National Bailout Movement

As the FCC stripped away regulations that protected net neutrality, Motherboard & VICE began building a community internet network because telecom companies can only end internet freedom if there is no alternative.

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UK government funding beavers to reduce floods, a new class of drugs for neurodegenerative diseases, and The Big Fix now on Instagram

The UK is bringing back beavers in its first government-funded flood reduction scheme; success in trials for Huntington's and Spinal Muscular Atrophy raise hopes that diseases such as Alzheimer's

Victoria bans large scale puppy farming, working dogs are being recruited to solve conservation challenges and school creates thriving amphibian habitat

Victoria has become the first state in Australia to ban large scale puppy farming; the ancient qualities of working dogs

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NAB to halt lending for new thermal coal mining projects, native forests being restored in Appalachia and a fashion industry without plastic emerging

The National Australia Bank says it will halt all lending for new thermal coal mining projects, becoming the first major Australian bank to phase out

Synthesis cover

The World Bank will no longer finance upstream oil and gas after 2019, France will ban cell phones in elementary schools, and Europeans develop a solar powered irrigation system with 30% less water consumption

The World Bank has announced it will "no longer finance upstream oil and gas, after

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World's third-largest insurer divests from tar sands and pipelines, France awards multi-year grants to U.S. climate scientists and 
UK establishes its first 'plastic free coastline'

AXA, the world's third-largest insurer, is divesting from tar sands and pipelines, France has awarded U.S. climate scientists

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U.N. resolution to eliminate plastic pollution in the sea signed by more than 200 countries, Australia secures funding for first offshore wind farm and first national enquiry into responsibility of fossil fuel industry for human rights impacts of climate change

More than 200 countries signed a

marcusaurelius1 2x
A far more appealing future

Fewer antibiotics, less anger, living in harmony with urban wildlife, sharing homegrown produce with neighbours, zerowaste to oceans and an economy in which it makes sense to move away from coal ... a far more appealing future!

These stories and more

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Portugal's successful drugs policy, last coal mine closing in the Ruhr Valley, and a new Aboriginal-owned line of 
non-alcoholic craft beers

Portugal's radical drugs policy is working; Germany is approaching life after coal as its last coal mine closes in the Ruhr Valley; and a new Aboriginal-owned

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Living with infections in the Age of Superbugs, an ultra-accessible water park, and a web crawler that is succeeding in the fight against online images of child sexual abuse

In the Age of Superbugs, physiologist Janelle Ayres is upending our understanding of how to fight infection by training our body

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Vancouver reaches 50% car-free travel, EnergieSprong's radical low energy retrofits, and the Sahara Forest Project growing food, restoring soil and working to reverse desertification

Vancouver has achieved 50% of trips by foot, bike or transit; EnergieSprong has arrived in Britain, delivering radical low energy retrofits

the politics of public space in 19th century england by katrina navickas 5 638
Water fountains and charter to regulate pseudo-public spaces in London and Boston City Council banning plastic bags

The mayor of London is planning a network of water fountains to reduce plastic waste, and is responding to the growing corporate control of parks and squares by drawing up a charter

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New Mexican ocean reserve, deal to keep central Arctic Ocean off-limits for commercial fishing, and tour of 'commoning' in France

This planet is our commons ... the place we all share. Mexico has created a vast new ocean reserve to protect the 'Galapagos of North America'; nine nations, plus the EU, have reached a deal to place

Fear media
Insurance companies backing out of supporting coal, 25th bank rules out finance for Adani, Teflon phaseout preventing low-weight births, and secret protection for women against HIV

Fear + procrastination = inertia .... but we're finally starting to move, and that =  relief + elation ... and it's catching! growing number of

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Building cultural diversity with potlu
ck dinners, sourcing sustainable raw materials for cars, developing a hybrid electric aircraft engine and Tesla's 100MW battery in South Australia

There's a growing 'trickle up' effect! At the grassroots level the trend of potluck dinners is building culturally diverse communities

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Slow walking movement in NSW, reintroducing wombats to benefit the environment and other wildlife, and a small grain Renaissance in Iowa

The world is starting to realise that nature holds the solutions to most of our problems. The slow walking movement is taking off in NSW national parks;

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Japan commits billions for social support, ranchers are helping wildlife and cattle coexist and hundreds of commons and 'new economy' mapping projects

A better way of living is possible! Japan has made an inspiring commitment to offer free day care for children 3 to 5 years old and free childcare

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Community-owned wireless infrastructure, solutions to increasing light pollution, and China launching world's first fully electric cargo ship

All over the U.S., big telecom is being rejected and subverted as rural communities and local governments are building community-owned wireless

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"Quiet Hour" in 68 Australian supermarkets, Children's Wild Play Garden opens at Centennial Park, and world's first sustainable highway

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), in partnership with Coles, has rolled out "Quiet Hour" in 68 supermarkets to make the shopping experience a little easier;the Ian Potter Children's Wild Play Garden

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Progress for young people suing Trump administration, new truly biodegradable plastic and solar heading to 1c/kWh

An appeals court has ruled against the Trump administration as it tries to block 21 young plaintiffs who are suing the federal government for its failure to protect them from global warming

Over 1000 residents in large high rise demonstrating zero waste, largest renewable energy project in a refugee camp, and soil's ability to store carbon

A 25-year-old high rise in Toronto, with over 1,000 residents, is showing how zero waste is possible, generating only one dumpster of garbage per month;

Bjork's "Utopia", Windsor Bridge Inquiry, Feeding an additional 825 million people and International Alliance to phase out coal from power generation before 2030

"If optimism ever was like an emergency, it’s now", says Bjork ... and The Big Fix agrees! Read about her new album "Utopia" in today's Solutions Digest.

HFCs infographic 1
U.K. ratifies the Kigali agreement on HFCs, Microsoft pledges to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030 and Lithgow declared a Refugee Welcome Zone

Probably the most important action yet to reduce climate change! The U.K. has ratified the Kigali agreement on HFCs, commonly found in refrigerators and air

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Japan's recycling culture, all-electric bus fleet in Shenzhen and hospitals growing their own produce

In Japan it's illegal to throw away household appliances; Shenzhen is set to have the world's first all-electric public bus fleet; and Boston Medical Center is one of the burgeoning number of hospitals growing their

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UK backs a total ban on insect-harming pesticides, hemp now legal to use in food in Australia, and Coffin Clubs emerging to make death more affordable

The UK has agreed to back a total ban on insect-harming pesticides in fields across Europe; hemp is now legal to be used in food in Australia with a range of new products

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Pedestrianizing Oxford Street, recognizing climate refugees, reducing ocean pollution and
removing water from cleaning products.

Pedestrianizing busy thoroughfares like Oxford Street; recognizing climate change as an official reason to seek asylum; targeting 10 rivers to reduce ocean pollution;

End of lab testing on chimpanzees in the U.S., world's largest hydraulic restoration project, and network of high-power EV charging stations for Europe

The era of biomedical research on chimpanzees in the United States is effectively over and lab chimps are moving to sanctuaries; Florida is attempting

Essentially All Life Depends Upon The Soil There Can Be No Life Without Soil And No Soil Without Life They Have Evolved Together. Charles E. Kellogg
Restoring soil, protecting residents in Barcelona, and protecting community water in New Mexico and Colorado

A new book: "Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life" suggests that it's not only possible to restore soil on a global scale, but that it's feasible to do so remarkably fast; Barcelona residents have

Global efforts are shrinking the hole in the ozone layer, purchase of land near Barrier Reef to create conservation corridor and Britain's heritage apple boom

Imagine more of this ... thanks to global efforts since the mid-1980s to ban the emission of ozone-depleting chemicals, the giant hole in the Earth's protective ozone layer, is

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London to be
 world's first national park city? Replanting 70,000 acres of Amazon deforestation by 2023, and consuming oilsand tailings with fungus infused dandelions

We are entering the era of restoration and regeneration! For its size, London is one of the world's greenest cities and there is a campaign to declare it

human trafficking presentation 11 728
Australian coalition to end modern slavery, U.S. report on goods produced by slavery, and Finland's dry run of Universal Basic Income

A coalition of Australian organisations have released a statement of support against modern slavery, setting out key principles for the introduction of a Modern Slavery Act in Australia; 

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Sparkling water fountains and school pocket parks in Paris, and vending machines in Istanbul that feed stray dogs in exchange for plastic bottles

The way the world can be ... Paris is installing fountains of sparkling water and stripping out the asphalt and concrete in schoolyards to create new public pocket parks;

green building construction
Timber construction on the rise in France, breakthrough in 3-D printing of stainless steel and $700m solar, battery and pumped hydro project

The building and construction industries are experiencing major changes to enter the 'new world' ahead! Timber construction is on the rise in France; researchers

unnamed4 e1439930640122
Council of Europe recognising refugee qualifications, Kerala village tackling plastic waste, and chefs taking a 'root-to-leaf' approach to minimise waste

A new initiative by the Council of Europe is allowing refugees to have their qualifications assessed even when they cannot be fully documented; 

LG C4C 2013 New World Emerging Photo April Doner
Scotland's plans for a not-for-profit renewable energy company, Germany's renewable energy surplus and success of Rwanda's zero-tolerance approach to plastic bags

Scotland is setting up a publicly-owned, not-for-profit locally generating renewable energy company, with energy to be sold

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Chinese philanthropist donated $1.5 billion for wildlife conservation, City of Sydney tackles residential waste and Columbia creating conservation and sustainable development plans

One of China's richest women, He Qiaonv, has announced a $1.5 billion donation for

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Changing feelings and actions through art, NYC's first citywide community land trust, and the "sixth mass genesis"

A new book about how art can play an essential role in imagining and communicating a more sustainable future; New York City announces its first citywide community land trust

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China shuts down factories, twelve major cities aim to create fossil fuel free areas by 2030, New Zealand commits to climate change action and Singapore to freeze vehicle numbers 

Dear Australia .... China has shut down up to 40% of its factories in an unprecedented stand against pollution; twelve major cities including London,

Government intervention back in vogue as Neoliberalism's problems mount, free food carts in Australia and Byron Shire Council using steam weeding machines

Josh Bernstein, writing for the Guardian, believes that regulation and government intervention is back in vogue after the problems of the

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Perennial wheat, cancer breakthrough, South Australia breaking renewable energy records, and Portugese children suing 47 European nations

For 12,000 years, human agriculture has cultivated grains that are replanted every year, at enormous environmental cost. Now there is an alternative ... Kernza,

indonesia explodes illicit angling boats n
Indonesian crackdown on illegal fishing, HIV advance by Australian scientists and South Korea's Green Credit Card

Indonesia's minister of maritime affairs, the controversial Susi Pudjiastuti, is blowing up fishing boats in a tough crackdown on illegal and unsustainable fishing; Australian scientists

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Victorian plastic bag ban, electric car charging in NSW, no new coal in Java, zero-emissions zone in Oxford and India rules on rape

Despite the litany of bad news flooding the media, there's an extraordinary amount of good work being done around the world to tackle the many challenges we're facing. In just

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Philosophy lessons lead to better behaviour, Kings Run returned to Aboriginal owners and bacon a 'no-no' in Belgium's new food guidelines

Philosophy lessons appear to be leading to better behaviour and marks at Malabar Public School in Sydney; a significant piece of the Tarkine in Tasmania,

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Mainstreaming plant-based meals, scholarships for 
Indigenous Australians,and Saudi Arabia diversifying away from fossil fuels

Kristie Middleton, from the Humane Society of the U.S., has helped convince 200 school districts, as well as the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard to serve tens of millions of

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Tesla of Ecovillages, three new marine parks, and gas plant rejected in California 

James Ehrlich, founder of ReGen Villages, the "Tesla of Ecovillages", is working to build self-reliant villages for the coming billions; three new marine parks will protect some 290,000 square miles of ocean - an area more than twice the size of

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Scotland bans fracking, McDonalds testing vegan burger, and 40 Catholic institutions to divest from fossil fuels

Society is reaching a tipping point as awareness is rising about the impact of our lifestyles on the broader ecoystem which supports life on earth. As a result, the Scottish government has announced a ban on

TransCanada's Energy East pipeline project canned, National Rifle Association in U.S. agrees to tighter restrictions, and off-grid homes for the homeless in Seattle

VICTORY! After First Nations standing together and being supported by non-Indigenous allies, TransCanada will not pursue the Energy East pipeline project

Rooftop Farms 1
Rooftop farms increasing, green ventilation corridors in Stuttgart and third car-free day in Paris

Rooftop farms and gardens are taking off around the world, Stuttgart is creating green ventilation corridors to enable fresh air to sweep down from the city's surrounding hills, and Paris just held its third car-free day and expanded it in space and time.

Crayfish return to the Murray River, NYC public schools offering vegan options, and making a stand against unjust WA laws

Threatened Murray crayfish are scuttling along the banks of the Murray River in the Echuca region for the first time in 10 years; all 1,200 schools in the New York City public school district will now offer at least one vegan option

searching for hope on climate 2
Global carbon emissions stood still in 2016, Africa's Great Green Wall reversing desertification, Nestle and Unilever commit to greener packaging and infant tetanus eradicated from the Americas

Global carbon emissions stood still in 2016, offering a welcome indication that we are nearing the peak in global annual

Consciousness restored to man in persistent vegetative state, depression in some caused by inflammation, and women to drive in Saudi Arabia

Expect the unexpected every day! A nerve implant has 'restored consciousness' to a man who has been in a persistent vegetative state for 15 years; 

Bill Mollison, refugees in Germany, cultural life in Mosul and saving critically endangered frogs

It's one year since the death of Bill Mollison, the founder of permaculture, and it's worth remembering his words ... "although the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple."

Ecological revolution

Britain is phasing out coal-burning power plants, eco-warriors are cutting down illegal palm plantations and Jakarta will build 3,000 child-friendly parks by 2022 

Britain is phasing out its coal-burning power plants, with the last one slated to be shuttered by 2025, if not sooner.

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Tactical Urbanism, Japanese towns going off the grid, and enough pumped hydro sites for Australia to go completely renewable

Tactical Urbanism is taking off around the world. Citizens are undertaking direct low-cost, high-reward actions that immediately improve the community's public life

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Organic farming corridors in India, U.S. banning toxic flame retardants, Scotland generating hydrogen fuel from tidal energy, and Australia attempting to run a steel mill with renewable energy

Extraordinary changes in how we've always done things are happening at an unprecendented rate: India starts work on organic farming corridors

15 09 02 broken011
Restoring rivers with garden stakes, Fixfest, Mending Mondays, Clay Pipe Air Conditioners and Natural Dyes

Our culture is changing as individuals and groups globally embrace repair, restoration, permaculture and the aesthetics of natural materials - from restoring rivers with garden stakes, to a Fixfest, Mending Mondays,

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Indonesia declares emergency plan to clean up the Citarum River, Italy using 'anti-terror flower pots' and Girl Guides tackling loneliness among older people

The Indonesian Minsitry of Environment and Forestries (KLHK) has declared an "emergency plan to clean up the Citarum River"

Screen Shot 2017 09 18 at 7.43.51 AM
Researchers develop tiny energy-efficient and eco-friendly air conditioner, steelhead trout return after California's largest dam removal project, and a visionary community in Utah

Researchers from UCLA have developed an energy-efficient and eco-friendly air conditioner that is so small it fits in your pocket; 

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Investors pressure banks to act on climate change, Hebridean Ark Project attempts to regrow large forests and Tunisia overturns marriage ban

A coalition of institutional investors managing more than $1tn in assets is demanding that 60 of the world's largest banks take action to protect the world

renewable energy unstoppable report cleanenergycanada
Offshore wind cheaper than nuclear in UK, off-grid office building in Adelaide, and electric school buses in California

The 'Point of Great Returns': Offshore wind is now cheaper than nuclear in the UK; Fluid Solar House in Adelaide is a unique off-grid office building - a world first for its type; 

Ozone layer continues to 'heal', Tesla to unveil electric lorry and 
mass-produced flexible, lightweight affordable solar panels 

This weekend marks the 30th birthday of the Montreal Protocol, often dubbed the world's most successful environmental agreement. It is slowly but surely reversing the damage

Screen Shot 2017 09 14 at 7.52.03 AM

An island begins to regrow, Missoula to tear down dam to restore fish route, and Indian farmers revive indigenous crops

An island between India and Sri Lanka is growing back after almost disappearing! Vaan Island shrank from 16 hectares in 1986 to about 1.5 hectares in 2015. Now pioneering work by researchers

bee 1 crop
Paying farmers to care for bees in North Dakota, and banning plastic straws in Seattle and plastic bags in Western Australia

A new pilot project in North Dakota is paying farmers to use marginal land to plant bee habitat, host beehives and take precautions against pesticide drift; Seattle will ban plastic straws and utensils by July


Regulating collection of reef fish by aquariums, IVF for corals, and cities uncovering the rivers that run beneath them

The Hawai'i Supreme Court has halted the aquarium industry's unlimited collection and sale of reef fish and other wildlife; an Australian marine biologist has developed a kind of IVF for corals

Screen Shot 2017 09 11 at 8.34.12 AM
China commits to building an ecological civilisation, first plastic-free shop opens in London, and creating a political narrative of transformation and restoration

China has amended its constitution to call for the building of an ecological civilisation ... "We built an agricultural, then an industrial, and now must build

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UK government gives protection to seabirds, Mars pledges $1 billion to reducing greenhouse emissions, and NY makes school lunches free for all 1.1 million students

Part of the coastline in Northumberland which is one of the most important sites in the UK for seabirds such as Arctic terns and Atlantic puffins has been given

UK commits to 85% reduction of HFCs, Danish recirculating shower system and Dutch farmers reduce water dependency by 90%

We are finally waking up and becoming aware of the consquences of our actions .... even better, we're beginning to do somethig about it! The UK has committed to reducing hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) by

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Humour for social change, Scotland phasing out diesel cars and introducing cash for containers, and palm oil company pressured to restore 1000 acres of peat forest

Humour is proving to be an effective way to disarm protesters who espouse bigotry and racial supremacy; Scotland has committed to phasing out diesel

Screen Shot 2017 09 06 at 7.30.56 AM

Queensland bans the bag & offers cash for containers, antibiotic use in animals down 65% in the Netherlands, and energy demand will plateau from 2030

Queensland shoppers will no longer be able to get plastic bags at the supermarket but will be able to cash in their cans and bottles under laws passed

yamani quote
Denmark sells off its last oil company; China, Mexico and U.S. pledge to work together to save vaquita porpoise; and follow-up on organic weedkiller

In another sign that the petroleum era is drawing to a close, Denmark is selling off its last oil company. According to Peter Kurrild Klitgaard, a professor of political

Restoration Generation
The 'Restoration Generation'; Australia and Timor-Leste strike deal, and empathic teaching

The 'new restoration generation' is proving that farmers can make more money planting native species than exotic species and that it's possible we can be the first generation in modern human history to leave the planet better than we

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Pontevedra becoming a car-free city, major car firms building electric cars in China, and railbiking through the Adirondacks

So love the thought of a cleaner, quieter world ... a world without the constant sound and pollution of fossil-fuelled machines. Great to see steps being taken to move in this direction. Pontevedra in

you dont have to see the whole staircase just take the first step
Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program, UK's first zero waste restaurant, and Christchurch City Council using organic weed killer

The Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program is making it easier, safer and profitable for informants to turn in wildlife traffickers; Silo's inspiring and groundbreaking strategies have made it

Native title granted over the ocean in NSW, Prague's tree appreciation cycling route, and Edinburgh Zoo diverts 98% of waste away from landfill

Native title has been granted over the ocean for the first time in NSW, Australia, giving protection to the Dirrangan reef at the mouth of the Clarence River; 

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Powerful Movements: Daylighting, Connectivity and Animal Rights

Wonderful and powerful movements are springing up around the world to restore ecosystems and humanity's relationship with the natural world. From "Daylighting" rivers, to the "Connectivity" movement and a rise in caring about animal rights - from pets to wildlife.

Free Ed 38 Degrees
Degree apprenticeships without incurring debt in the UK, animal welfare bill in Lebanon, and prison sentences for plastic bag use or manufacture in Kenya

The British higher education system is rolling out an alternative education route: degree apprenticeships. They deliver a skill and qualification simultaneously, with students working four days a week

Screen Shot 2017 08 29 at 7.54.26 AM
Berlin becoming a Sponge City, bison returning to Europe, and U.S. & Australian states legislating their own renewable energy targets 

Berlin is becoming a Sponge City to solve drainage and heat problems as climate change accelerates, and bison are returning to Europe. Meanwhile, in the U.S. and Australia, federal governments

Screen Shot 2017 08 28 at 10.16.42 AM

An Environmental Health Clinic, China appoints 'river chiefs', and Chile rejects mine to protect penguins

Natalie Jeremijenko's experimental environmental health clinic is combining art, engineering, technology, and volunteering to help create an eco-mindshift; 

we remind ourselves that all things change
First direct election in Syria since 1953 and China forming giant national park and exceeding 2020 target for solar installations

For the first time since 1953, a district in Syria has held a direct election in which voters chose their representatives to the local council; President Xi Jinping has said that he wants to transform China into an

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Legal precedent for endangered species protection, a hemp house in Canberra, and district heating networks in the U.K.

A strong precedent for the protection of endangered animal populations has been set by a Federal judge in Montana, who ruled that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service broke the law in 2014

nostrawplease 01 1
Seattle to go strawless in September, McDonald's to curb global use of antibiotics, and India bans dissolving marriages instantly

It's simple ... all it takes to reduce a massive amount of pollution is to say 'no straw please'. Seattle will go strawless in September to prove that it's possible for life in the city to go on without plastic

the world is waking up
EU investigating planned Bayer-Monsanto merger, connected forests increasing species survival, world's largest data centre to be built in the Arctic, and DIY Powerwalls

The European Commission has started an in-depth investigation of Bayer's planned $66 billion takeover of U.S. seeds group Monsanto; 

Screen Shot 2017 08 23 at 7.41.45 AM

Female doctors using telemedicine in Pakistan, dockless bike sharing in Seattle, and an artificial reef to be installed alongside the Opera House in Sydney

Stay-at-home female doctors in Pakistan are helping patients who aren't able to access doctors by working with community healthworkers and using

World's first water park for children with disabilities, upcycled Scenery Bags and BBC expands into 12 new languages to increase press freedom

The world's first water park specially built for children with disabilities has now opened; Scenery Bags is taking old theatre backdrops from plays that would otherwise be thrown out,

Let foodbe thy medicine
Prescription diets in California, investing in regenerative agriculture and American CEOs speaking out on social and political issues

A coalition of nonprofits is bringing healthy meals to low-income chronically ill residents in California, advocating that a prescription diet is just as important as prescription medications;

Screen Shot 2017 08 20 at 9.13.23 AM
Fungi increasing crop yields, court blocking Constitution pipeline in New York and upholding land rights of indigenous people in Brazil, and prisons in Netherlands now humanely housing refugees instead of inhumanely housing prisoners

Spraying seed with fungi is helping farmers adapt to climate change by

Screen Shot 2017 08 19 at 7.37.24 AM

Exiting the Anthropocene and entering the Symbiocene, a plan for a zero carbon cement industry in Australia, L.A. paying homeowners to build granny flats, and Germany turns the table on a Nazi march

Glenn Aalbrecht argues that it's time to start exiting the Anthropocene and entering a new era, the Symbiocene - the

SocialFlag 800px

Australian gun amnesty, open defecation ends in Bangladesh, and Family Independence Initiative helps families lift themselves out of poverty

Social change on a massive scale is possible! Australians have turned in 12,500 guns in the first weeks of a national amnesty and are now more likely

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Aldi rolls out natural refrigerants, 'Zero Waste Revolutionaries' in Indonesia, grizzly bear trophy hunting banned in British Columbia and 'Quiet Hour' shopping introduced in Victoria

There are so many ways people are working on 'The Big Fix'! Aldi has rolled out natural refrigerants across all its UK

iCAN email week4 r1v4
Louisville, the 'compassionate city', Seattle banning criminal background checks for renters, and outdoor sleeping policy at childcare centre

In 2011 Mayor Greg Fischer pledged to make Louisville a "compassionate city" and he's subsequently been including compassion into every aspect of the city's design; 

Legal support to prevent eviction, Virginia Governor tells white supremacists to go home, and world's biggest solar thermal plant for South Australia

New York City is now providing legal representation to any low-income resident facing eviction; Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has told white

Eden Project Outside Biome Child
The Eden Project coming to China, Australia and New Zealand; Sydney's underwater seaweed forests are being successfully restored; as is the Scottish native forest of Carrifran

The Eden Project is coming to China, Australia and New Zealand; Sydney's underwater seaweed forests are being successfully restored; and after 15 years, and the planting of

6f67653a76bd9b92e7418c477a7faab2 deep relaxation relaxation meditation
Hobart to phase out plastic takeaway containers, England fitting slaughterhouses with closed circuit TV, and Indian villages pushing back against desertification

As we 'Change the Story' to inspire, engage and empower everyone to grow a collaborative, solutions-focused culture, perhaps we need to look at George Monbiot's comments

6d18ae6b3e1675035744d587c40e3ac8 protest art social change
Declining child mortality, UK supermarket group offers 'bag for life' and BlaBlaCar revolutionizing carpooling

Child mortality around the world is declining very rapidly; the UK's largest supermarket group is replacing all of its 5p single-use carrier bags with a new 10p 'bag for life'; and BlaBlaCar is revolutionizing the way carpooling works

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Lismore transforms waste glass into 'sand', Costa Rica aims to become first country to eliminate single-use plastic, and India trains barefoot lawyers

Lismore in northern NSW has a solution to the glass recycling crisis - an innovative recycling system that crushes glass into a sand-like construction material that helps counter the shortage of sand for building;

842fe586f6344f2f8f9886bb5f761efc mother nature quotes earth quotes nature
Australia's first 2-for-1 tree planting initiative, UN negotiating treaty for marine protection in international waters, and Prince of Wales calls for harmony in food and farming

Greening Australia and Officeworks have partnered to launch Australia's first 2-for-1 tree planting initiative; the United Nations has begun to negotiate a treaty that would create marine protected

Screen Shot 2017 08 06 at 7.48.48 AM
Seattle taxing high incomes, Pacific Islands tackling plastic bag pollution, and Tim Flannery on farming seaweed

Seattle is attempting to tackle income inequality and structural unfairness in the system by imposing a tax on high-incomes; Vanuatu and the Northern Marianas are joining American Samoa, the Marshall Islands

Canada becomes an education 'superpower', litter collecting campaigns, and UK's nationwide autism friendly 'quiet hour' in supermarkets

Canada's strong sense of fairness, which has led to it providing equal access for migrant children, has helped it to become an education 'superpower'; campaigns, like Litterati

quote you said they re harmless dreamers and they re loved by the people what i asked you is tennessee williams 278487
Public ownership making a comeback, approval of Springvale mine extension overturned, and farmers recycling millions of pounds of plastic

Public ownership is making a comeback with at least 835 examples of (re)municipalisation of public services worldwide in recent years, involving more than 1,600

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Deradicalising children in Indonesia, supporting young undocumented immigrants in New York, and cars that avoid hitting animals

A groundbreaking Indonesian school is helping deradicalise the children of terrorists; some New Yorkers are becoming legal guardians for young undocumented immigrants, 

Screen Shot 2017 08 01 at 7.51.32 AM
More New Yorkers opting to cycle, Mexico City eliminating parking minimums and Royal Dutch Shell moving away from oil

In case you hadn't noticed the extraordinary rate of change currently underway ....  on one of New York's busier commuter streets, bicycles now outnumber cars; Mexico City has

Recycling paint cans, reverse vending machines for bottles and cans, and court rules to stop seismic blasting in the Canadian Arctic

A new national recycling scheme in Australia, Paintback, is repurposing paint cans and harnessing energy from paint. It has now been set up in more than 50 locations around the country; 

Cities respond creatively to influx of refugees, protection of the Danum Valley in Borneo, and expansion of indigenous reserves in Columbia

Athens, Amman and numerous other cities have devised creative strategies to deal with the influx of thousands of refugees, even with tight budgets ... from Paris's CALM initiative to Barcelona's

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Cook Islands create large ocean preserve, North Dakota replicates Oslo's humane prison, and China refuses to take more 'foreign garbage'

The Cook Islands have created one of the world's largest ocean preserves; North Dakota has replicated the world's most humane prison in Oslo

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Britain to ban sale of fossil fuel cars from 2040, UK anti-slavery program and Australians design coffee husk coffee cup 

Britain will ban the sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040, and in some cities in the developing world, the car is already in decline; a UK hotel group has launched an anti-slavery program

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Tasmanian Hep C Buyers' Club, I CAN NETWORK for teens on autism spectrum, and transformation of once-disintegrating Kansas neighbourhood

The power of collaboration! An innovative Australian has taken a cue from early AIDS fighters to distribute generic new drugs for hepatitis C with the Tasmanian Hep C

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First Australian council to go 100% renewable, doctors prescribing nature in the U.S., and Jack Johnson's sustainable concerts

The Sunshine Coast is the first local government in Australia with 100% of its electricity consumption from renewable energy; doctors in the U.S. are prescribing one free day at a national or state park to

Australian Indigenous land management, Al Gore talks to Bernie Sanders, and the bicycle bus for schoolchildren in The Netherlands

Australia's world-leading Indigenous land management and carbon farming programs are spreading to Canada; U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders talks to former Vice President Al Gore

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Naomi Klein & Jeremy Corbyn, tree protection in Uganda, 100 companies committing to 100% renewable, and drop in UK heart disease deaths

According to Tibetan Buddhist nun and teacher Pema Chodron, bravery is not the absence of fear, but intimacy with fear, and coming to terms with the fact that things repeatedly fall apart. In the face of

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UK to ban microbeads this year, Community Fridge Network and Mexico's pioneering scheme to insure its coral reef

The UK Environment Secretary announced yesterday that microbeads will be banned this year and that since the introduction of a 5p carrier bag charge in 2015, nine billion fewer carrier bags were

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Paris cleans & opens canals for swimming, Delhi providing free healthcare clinics for poor, and Tasmania to open dementia village

Paris has managed to clean up its canals and open them for public swimming again; Delhi's local government is giving the city's poor better access to health care

Vietnam agrees to end bile farming, Australian local councils commit to tackling climate change; and a sustainable economy in Massachusetts 

The Vietnamese government has agreed on a plan to end bile farming in the country; Australian local councils are leading the way in tackling climate change

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Aquariums banning single-use plastic, Newarks' hire-local initiative, and escaping Big Pharma with patent free drugs 

Canadian and U.S. aquariums are banning single-use plastic; Newark laid the groundwork for a hire-local initiative in 2000, when it passed an ordinance requiring that at least 40 percent of jobs

Dental waste
Recycling dental waste, growth of fact-checking organisations, and increased gender parity in Australian public service

A growing number of dentists are now collecting dental waste (toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, dental picks, packaging) and getting it turned into playground equipment by Terracycle; 

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Solar powered train launches in India, therapeutic vaccine for HIV, and research on the gut/brain relationship

Indian Railways have just launched their first solar powered train; scientists have developed a therapeutic vaccine for HIV which has the potential to create a functional cure for the disease;

Centennial Coal fined and censured, Cleveland works to eradicate sex trafficking and Hawaiian communities reclaiming water rights

Centennial Coal has been fined and censured for polluting the World Heritage Area with a 200 tonne coal spill in the Wollongambe River; Cleveland has become a leader in trying to eradicate human sex

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Coles, Woolworths & Harris Farm markets to phase out single-use plastic bags, India commits to ending child slavery, tuna company commits to sustainable practices and worker protection, and leprosy nearly eradicated 

Contrary to what much of mainstream media might have you believe, millions of people

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India's sweeping commitment to solar, a Chairless Chair exoskeleton, and NY City aiming to halve its incarcerated population

India is emerging as a front runner in the global fight against climate change with its sweeping commitment to solar power, innovative solutions and energy efficiency;

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Gene-altering leukemia treatment, plummeting shark fin sales and solar honey

Gene-altering leukemia treatment has been recommended for approval, shark fin sales are plummeting, and low-growing pollinator friendly plants are helping turn solar farms into commercial bee-keeping zones. 

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Giving cash to the poor in Kenya, communities printing their own money, and dentists prescribing fewer opioids to teenagers

A radical cash experiment in Kenya is challenging our deep-rooted notions of charity - and may hold the seeds of a revolution in social welfare; more communities have started to print their own money;

Australia wins against 'big tobacco', campaigns against 'big soda' are winning, and the idea of Emergency Mug Walls are taking off!

People are winning against big corporations: Tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris will be forced to pay millions of dollars in legal fees to Australia after its failed case against plain packaging laws

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Desjardins freezes oil pipeline funding, French government to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2040, and Queensland government to reform retirement village fees

Quebec-based credit union Desjardins has just announced a freeze on funding for ALL oil pipelines; the French government has announced it will end sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2040

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Pine Ridge reservation develops regenerative community, otter numbers increasing, and California lists glyphosate herbicide as cancer causing

At South Dakota's Pine Ridge reservation, a new organisation is upending entrenched poverty and developing a regenerative community that builds homes, creates jobs and produces all its own energy, clean water and food; 

Swiss Re switches to ethical investments, Europe makes stand against planned obsolescence, and South Australia to get world's largest lithium ion battery

Swiss Re, the world's second-largest reinsurer, is switching its entire $130 billion portfolio to ethical investments; the European Parliament is making a stand against planned obsolescence;

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Vancouver pilots reusable container program for takeaways, global treatments for Club Foot expanding, and China building a 'forest city'

The City of Vancouver is launching a pilot where restaurants and retailers can fill orders in reusable containers bought by customers; the Global Clubfoot initiative is working to raise the number of

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Bristol refill-reuse bottle campaign, Volvo making no new model internal combustion engines from 2019, and France reviving the wool industry

The Bristol refill-reuse bottle campaign is spreading across Europe; Volvo is going electric and will make no new model internal combustion engines from 2019; and initiatives in France are reviving the wool industry to encourage local development and the use of natural fibres rather than synthetics.

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Indian volunteers plant 66 million trees in 12 hours, France to stop granting fossil fuel exploration licences, and Chinese province runs for a week on renewable energy

Around 1.5 million volunteers in India planted more than 66 million trees in just 12 hours in a record-breaking environmental drive; France is to stop granting licences for oil and gas exploration

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Norway to ban fossil fuel heating, Center for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and People's Food Policy in UK

Norway will ban the use of oil and paraffin to heat buildings by 2020; a new Center for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is working to develop vaccines to prevent pandemics before they start; and the UK has launched a People's Food Policy supported by 80 food and farming organisations.