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An evolving, collaborative strategy working cross-sector within and across communities globally to grow a culture of fixing.

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Muqadisa says Enough

From Afghanistan, #Enough!

"Here, then, is the problem which we present to you, stark and dreadful and inescapable: Shall we put an end to the human race; or shall mankind renounce war?"

The Bertrand Russell-Albert Einstein Manifesto, 1955

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Tina Lymberis - Pioneering Permaculture in Greece

Five years ago, Tina Lymberis left Australia to begin pioneering permaculture in Greece - from organising and teaching seminars, to writing a blog about permaculture in Greek (www.kangouro.gr), to starting transition initiatives to translating Rosemary Morrow's seminal book "The Earthusers Guide to Permaculture" into Greek. This is the first comprehensive permaculture guide in Greece and will be


Pop Up Shops Revitalize Katoomba Main Street

Take a stroll down the lower end of Katoomba Street nowadays and you could be mistaken for thinking your’e somewhere like Newtown or Paddington - between the funky cafes like the Thunderbird Mexican Cafe on one side of the street and the arts precinct on the other, you could find yourself spending quite some time popping in and out of the different new venues. From Simon Hearn’s Pop Atelier Art Studio, to

Bringing Life Back into Rail

In an extraordinary commitment to restoring the railway between Oberon and Tarana, the Oberon District’s largest volunteer community group, the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Inc, have managed to restore stage 1 of the project – 4 .5 km of rail line between Oberon and Hazelgrove –  in just 5 years.  With huge support from Oberon Council, local businesses, the local paper and over 250 members, OTHR this month announced that their lease for Oberon Station has


Toulon Working With Nature

Bathurst farmer, Michael Inwood, has attracted major sponsors, media and even scientist Tim Flannery, to view the innovative work he’s been doing on his commercial property Toulon as he explores what may well be one of the most sustainable forms of cropping available today – No Kill cropping with no fertiliser and chemicals and only renewable energy. If a crop is sown by his Zero Emission Triton Electrical Vehicle, towing the Agrowplow AD Hybrid Discdrill,

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Bike Trail launched in World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains 

Passion, patience, persistence and the dogged determination of a handful of key champions, with a vision of building a Blue Mountains Bike Trail, finally paid off when the first section of the Great Blue Mountains Trail, from Blackheath to Katoomba, officially opened on Wednesday 26 August 2015. The trail was opened by Blue Mountains Clr Don McGregor and Federal MP Louise Markus. (Photo: Brian Stevens and Mark


Don't Panic - Look at the Facts

Renowned Swedish medical doctor, academic, statistician and edu-tainer Hans Rosling acknowledges that we are facing huge challenges globally. "But," he asks, "do you solve problems by panicking?"  He spends much of his time trying to show us that the world may not be as bad as we think it is and his argument is that you can't trust the news outlets if you want to understand the world - you need to educate yourself and learn the facts.


A Plastic State Of Mind 

Green Sangha, the organisation behind this video, demonstrates some inspiring activism to highlight the consequences of convenienceby creating a music video parody that’s fun, a bit cheesy, but with a song and actors that makes you want to watch to the end. It’s had great success in reaching people as it travels around the internet.  Green Sangha,  helps to get people connected to the bag banning movements and legislation near them. Shoppers worldwide are 


 The Knowledge They're Not Forgotten

When writer, folklorist and social historian Dr June Factor started the Befriend a Child in Detention Community Project last year, she had no idea it would take off as quickly and as extensively as it has done. Or that her small group of volunteers, supported by the Brotherhood of St Laurence, would be completely inundated by the desire of so many Australians to do something in the face of their grief and sense of impotence.